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Next meeting: Burlingame, CA, USA, December 2017

At the next OMG technical meeting in Burlingame, CA, in the week of Dec. 04 2017, ManTIS DTF will host a Manufacturing Information Day on Wednesday, Dec. 6 2017, and a plenarey meeting on Thursday, Dec 07 2017.

OMG Information Day on Model-Based Engineering, Automation and IoT in Smart Manufacturing

ManTIS will host a Model-Based Engineering, Automation and IoT in Smart Manufacturing Information Day at the upcoming OMG TC Meeting in Burlingame, Dec. 6 2017.

Please also check Information from past Manufacturing Information Days here:

ManTIS plenary meeting, Dec. 7 2017, 09:00-17:00

Agenda for the meeting is under preparation. Following are the items of interest as discussed in Brussels:

  • Long Term Archiving for (Systems) Engineering
  • Invite INCOSE TIMLMWG (Tool Integration and Model Lifecycle Mgmt.)
  • Challenges and standards needs from IIC Smart Factory / Smart Manufacturing / Industrie 4.0 for ManTIS
  • Traceability Metamodel / Ontology RFP
  • Review SysML V2 RFP requirements
  • Joint session with OMG Ontology PSIG

For the completion of the agenda please provide your interest for the upcoming meeting to the attention of the mantis chairs

For more information about the Burlingame TC meeting also check: OMG Meeting information and registration and OMG's web-site: OMG

About ManTIS

Manufacturing and Industrial Systems Domain Task Force - ManTIS DTF charter

ManTIS is OMG's Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Domain Task Force (ManTIS DTF). The mission of ManTIS is to foster the emergence of cost effective, timely, commercially available and interoperable software components for the Manufacturing and Industrial Systems domain through the development of standard interfaces using the OMG process. ManTIS will issue specifications for Manufacturing, Industrial Processes and Control Systems.
Objectives of ManTIS are:

  • To Recommend technology specifications based on OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) that enable interoperability, reusability and modularity.
  • To Encourage development of standard interfaces that encapsulate legacy systems, enabling their integration and easing migration to new technologies.
  • To Encourage adoption of ManTIS-related OMG specifications by other standardization organizations
  • To Establish a working relationship with other Task Forces in both Platform and Domain Technology Committees of the OMG to provide mutual support and leverage for each other's specifications.
  • To Establish and maintain active liaison relationships with appropriate external organizations in support of the preceding goals.

This WIKI will capture the work of ManTIS and will help to find the relevant documentation. If you would like to join the ManTIS group or participate in the ongoing discussion feel free to contact the chairs mentioned below.
Current hot topics of ManTIS include the Integration of PLM and MBSE and standardization work in the context of the Industrial Internet and Industrie 4.0.

ManTIS chairs:

Uwe Kaufmann, ModelAlchemy Consulting, Falkensee, Germany praying-mantis-clip-art-praying-mantis-clipart-2.jpg

Michael Pfenning, XPLM, Viernheim, Germany

Chairs E-Mail: Group E-Mail:

Hot Topics

PLM MBSE Integration

ManTIS is workig together with OMG's SE DSIG on the integration of PLM and MBSE. It therefor wants to bring all relevant stakeholders together: PLM and MBSE vendors as well as industry users and academia. The working group PLM4MBSE of the German chapter of INCOSE (GfSE e.V.) published a Paper with 10 thesis about MBSE and PLM.

Last Meetings

OMG TC Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, June 2017

ManTIS plenary on Thursday Jun. 09 2017, 09:00 - 17:00

OMG TC Meeting, Reston, VA, USA, March 2017

ManTIS plenary on Monday Mar. 20 2017, 09:00 - 17:00

OMG TC Meeting, Coronado, CA, December 2016

ManTIS plenary on Monday Dec. 6 2016, 09:00 - 17:00

Presentations shown at the meeting:

Title Contact Download
An Improved Method of Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Modeling for Systems Engineering Conrad Bock NIST 2016-12-01
THE DIGITAL ENGINEERING JOURNEY - ALM-PLM integration at PTC Matthew Hause PTC 2016-12-02
Proof of Concept for PLM-MBSE integration from mecPro research project Patrick Müller CONTACT 2016-12-03
Platform driven MBSE models - Proof of Concept for PLM-MBSE integration with ARAS PLM and IBM Rhapsody Pawel Chadzynski ARAS 2016-12-04
Syndeia: Weaving the digital blueprint across MBSE, PLM, ALM, Data, Simulations, and Projects Manas Bajaj InterCAX 2016-12-05
INCOSE/GfSE Working Group PLM4MBSE – update Uwe Kaufmann ModelAlchemy 2016-12-06
Coronado ManTIS DTC report Uwe Kaufmann ModelAlchemy 2016-12-07

Archive of previus meetings

ManTIS Legacy Web-Site

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