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 **[[mbse:​deix|(Return to DEIX WG Main Page)]]** **[[mbse:​deix|(Return to DEIX WG Main Page)]]**
 ====== Digital Engineering Information Exchange Challenge====== ====== Digital Engineering Information Exchange Challenge======
-DEIX WG are planning ​to have a two day session at INCOSE IW 2020 to bring forward ​the idea of a challenge ​for the implementation stage of the DVM with respect ​to the CDR feature teamWe would like your participation to review this charter as well as to finalize our technical data package ​to be presented to the vendor towards the end of INCOSE IW 2020We look forward ​to having service membersindustry, and academia collaborate on what it is we will be accepting as criteria for the challenge team+What is the DEIX Challenge?​ 
 +As the industry migrates into Digital Engineering,​ the amount of data that must be managed, correlated, and exchanged easily overwhelms. ​ In order for the transformation ​to Digital Engineering ​to be worth the cost, actionable knowledge has to be synthesized from various kinds of models and other sources of digital information.  
 +The INCOSE/NDIA Digital Engineering Information Exchange Working Group (DEIXWG) is soliciting participants ​for its Digital Engineering Information Exchange Challenge kicking off in July 2020 and culminating in the unveiling ​of challenge submissions at the 2020 NDIA Systems and Mission Engineering Conference. ​ The DEIX Challenge is an opportunity for anyone interested in Digital Engineering/​Transformation from across Government, Industry, and Academia ​to help shape the future of Digital Engineering DEIX Challenge Submissions are to be built upon a DEIXWG-provided Digital Viewpoint Model and should include proposed notional Digital Views that could be used for providing and consuming Digital Information pulled from multiple Digital Artifacts ​Successful DEIX Challenge Submissions will involve developing novel ways to synthesize and fuse Digital Information from a collection of SysMLMatlab, MCAD, FEA, and other types of Digital Artifacts into a Digital View that addresses a participant-created scenario of specific perspectives and needs 
-If you have an interest in accepting ​and contributing to this challenge, please contact ​McGervey, Sean M. < download ​and review the challenge ​files for challenge details and submission instructions. Interested participants can email Sean McGervey ​( for any questions and comments regarding ​the challenge.
- +
-We are excitedly anticipate ​the time we can collaborate with you, our team, at these working group meetings.+
 ==== DEIX Challenge Files ==== ==== DEIX Challenge Files ====
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